Aldi is selling frozen ostrich steak in its UK stores as part of its Endless Summer barbecue range.

The German discounter is promoting ostrich as an alternative to chicken, on the strength of its low-fat content. It claims a 100g serving contains just 1.5g and 99 calories, compared with 3.5g of fat and 163 calories for a similar helping of chicken.

"We are always looking to add excitement to our range by offering new products," said group buying director Tony Baines.

"The decision behind the launch of the ostrich steaks reflected our intention to expand the range and quality of our prepared meats." The ostrich steaks retail at £3.99 for 400g. A similar weight of chicken breast retails at £2.96 in Asda, for instance.

Other premium meat and fish products to appear in the freezer cabinet later in the year include a three bird roast, king crab, king scallops, and Bantry Bay mussels.