Aldi has confirmed plans to roll out a bigger and better looking Everyday Essentials range later this summer.

It will also expand its Specially Selected top tier and give it a big push over Christmas to capitalise on seasonal sales.

“Our Everyday Essentials tier will be extended across all ranges - and we will do the same with Specially Selected,” said Aldi UK’s MD of corporate buying Tony Baines.

“We will also introduce a brand new livery to the Essentials range in light of Tesco’s redesign of its Everyday Value range.”

Both ranges were selling well, claimed Baines. “We are very satisfied with sales. And our mid-tier range is also showing extremely positive sales.”

Baines also said Aldi UK has been adapting its stores to suit UK shoppers, particularly in terms of its range.

“We are responding to UK shopper research,” said Baines. “Our range is growing. It’s still low - we have an Aldi blueprint to follow - but it is bigger than in Aldi Germany, for example. And we are tweaking the range as well. For example, we used to sell single pots of yoghurt, now we sell multipacks. Sales reflect the changes we have been making.”