Chicago Town has declared its intentions to become the UK’s leading frozen food brand by branching out into desserts.
Seven products are launched on October 3 in a move that will make Chicago Town a complete solution for a night in.
Five US-style family desserts - microwaveable Chocolate and Toffee Flavoured Fudge Cakes (rsp: £1.49 for 295g), a Rich Chocolate Cake and Blueberry and Raspberry Muffin cakes (rsp: £1.89 for 340g) - have been developed as well as individually wrapped slices in two varieties - Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Sundae Pie (rsp: £1.39 for 2x92g).
Debbie John, senior brand manager for Chicago Town desserts, said the range would
help drive growth in what is a declining frozen desserts sector.
“We believe there is a role for a dynamic brand in the marketplace and aim to capitalise on that,” she said. Brand owner Schwan’s plans to double in size by 2007 by expanding its leading brands. Chicago Town, launched in the UK in 1992, is currently the UK’s seventh-biggest frozen foods brand [TNS Superpanel 52 w/e March 27, 2005].
The company is next month relaunching its Main Event range of five ready meals, first launched in May, with slight recipe changes.
The range consists of Santa Fe Chicken, Texan BBQ Pork, St Louis Chicken, New York Steak and Missouri Spiced Meatballs.
Schwan’s also produces the Amanda Smith brand of frozen desserts in the UK, but said the new products would not be a threat because of their less traditional and younger positioning.
John claimed that the brand would offer a modern transatlantic alternative to more traditional English brands such as Tryton Foods’ Aunt Bessie’s range.
Galaxy is keeping consumers guessing in the debut TV ads for its new Promises brand. Breaking on October 5, the £4m campaign focuses on the ‘Different Every Time’ strapline. Each 30-second ad opens with a view of rooftops above a city, with a woman lying on a sun lounger in a roof garden. As she eats her chocolate her eyes meet those of a man on an adjacent rooftop. The ad then cuts to one of three endings.
Stefan Chomka