Sales of South African Granny Smith and Golden Delicious will be substantially up on last year predicts Martin Dunnett, Capesan's marketing director. With the Golden season about 70% completed, Dunnett is still anticipating around a half a million carton export to the UK, bringing the final total by the end of September to 1.5 million. A currently buoyant market with fruit making £7.50-£8/ctn may also strengthen further as the latest reports are that the French crop is running late. South African Granny Smith, priced at £8-£11/ctn are also expected to show an increase from one million to 1.35 million by the end of September. Both varieties are being heavily promoted with Arnie the Apple on parade at Safeway's Woking and Wimbledon branches with more promotions planned in the future. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}