Argentine beef is back on the menu, and producers are planning to carve out a share of the British market.

After a year of self-imposed export restrictions, the country is back up to 95% of its 2005 exports and planning to relaunch its £2m EU-wide campaign in the new year. It had a big trade presence at this year's SIAL in Paris, with great interest from buyers.

But the strategy in the UK, which could get up to a third of the EU promotional cash, is to deal direct with buyers to keep costs down.

"Awareness could be bigger," says Arturo Llavallol, President of the Argentine Beef Promotion Institute. "Retail is a key target for us. We want to sell more actively to retailers."

The meat is being sold on its superior quality and origin from Aberdeen Angus and Hereford cattle fed on a rich grass diet. "Our beef is for the top quality end of the market. We are here not to compete with English beef but to complement it."