Sir; Two four-pints of milk for £2! Are you crazy, Asda? Did you not learn from last time? In 2006, Asda took the great step of knocking 11p off its four-pints of milk while claiming it was still giving its farmers a fair price and not reducing farmer payments. If true, this would have cost Asda about £6m (one pint = 2.27 litres; 500 million litres sold annually = 125 million litres in 12 weeks = £6m). Now yet again, Asda has surpassed itself and announced a two for £2 deal on four-pints and two for £3 on 6-pints. If only 40% of its customer base buys into this it will cost Asda £500,000 per week (88p discount on every two four-pints sold based on 500,000 litres per year sold). Is this corporate responsibility? I really don't think so. Some 98% of British households already buy milk. You will not get people to drink more milk because it is not an expandable consumption item. So please, Asda, what is your justification? If you say you are giving consumers more for their money, then I am completely lost. How about giving farmers more for their milk? How about listening to today's issues? We are only just starting to get milk back to the prices they were 10 years ago. I appreciate the credit crunch is biting, but how is the farming community supposed to swallow this with rising fuel prices? Why not promote something that is understandable - like beans, or cereal, or something that is not going to anger a whole farming community? How long do you think it will be before the public realise your prices are based on squeezing every last penny from your suppliers? I, as a farmer, will never walk into another Asda store again.