Asda is offering bagged potatoes that make a virtue of their local origins.

All 79 of its eastern counties stores started stocking East Anglian new potatoes in late October.

They will be available into next year and then from June onwards.

The 1.5kg bags are supplied by Fenmarc Produce and are intended to make the region of origin a very visible selling point. The move follows similar marketing by the supermarket chain of Welsh potatoes and strawberries, which was deemed to be a big success.

East Anglian potatoes are being marketed for freshness and low food miles rather than on price but are thought to cost around the same as other potatoes.

"This idea is driven by customers wanting more local produce," said a spokeswoman for Asda. "We haven't branded potatoes in a bag in this way before, but you may see this happening with other fruit and vegetables in other areas."