Asda is offering shoppers a £5 sweetener in return for using its Price Guarantee.

The supermarket is offering a fiver to anyone who spends £40 on groceries at Asda this week and subsequently uses its online price comparison tool. The sweetener takes the form of a £5 ‘bonus voucher’ redeemable against another £40 shop done before the end of the month.

The move comes after Asda last week geared up for a new round of 3,000 rollbacks designed to regain the initiative after Tesco’s Big Price Drop and the Brand Match scheme at Sainsbury’s.

“Other stores don’t want a price war, they only want a skirmish over price perception,” a spokesman for Asda said.

“At Asda we care about price reality and so from Monday there will be thousands of Rollbacks, a promise to be 10% better value through our online guarantee and an additional £5 for checking out that commitment online.”

Meanwhile, Morrisons has unveiled its own sweetener for shoppers, dubbed Morrisons Millions. The supermarket will hand £100 cash prizes to three shoppers each day in every one of its stores from today to 30 October, at a total cost of £2m.

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