Asda is looking to translate the success of its Butcher’s Selection brand in pre-packed meat to over-the-counter sales by rolling the brand out to its meat counters.

Asda launched Butcher’s Selection in July last year, initially as a range of beef steaks matured for 15 days and trimmed of excess fat. After a 50% spike in sales, the retailer introduced Butcher’s Selection pork, gammon, beef and lamb joints in September.

To build on the success of Butcher’s Selection pre-packed meat, Asda has converted some of its fresh meat counters to Butcher’s Selection branding. The retailer is currently trialling the concept in 10 stores and said it would consider rolling it out more widely if the trial proved successful. “We are waiting on the feedback of this trial before we make a decision,” a spokeswoman said.

Converted counters carry black Butcher’s Selection signage and bear a large ‘Butcher’s Selection at Asda’ placard. Traditional blue and white-striped butcher’s branding also appears on the walls.

The introduction of Butcher’s Selection represents a significant investment for Asda - as well as new packaging and counter conversions, Asda also claims to have borne the initial cost of the extra hanging and trimming of the meat in the range. Last year, it also ran a TV advert specifically advertising the range.

Butcher’s Selection is one of several initiatives Asda has introduced in a bid to add value to its fresh meat in store. In December, it started selling beef from animals which are cross-bred from Wagyu bulls and dairy Holsteins, making the meat far cheaper than pure-bred Wagyu meat.

Asda will be hoping the Butcher’s Selection-branded counters will help it raise its fresh meat game with rivals such as Morrisons’ Family Butcher counter.