Asda has launched a new website dedicated to health and ethical food issues. As well as providing information, the site will be a forum for finding out what consumers want.

The site, branded Health Matters, went live this week and includes advice on food allergies, information on how to eat five pieces of fruit'n'veg each day, a daily calorie calculator, plus ethical information on endangered fish, Fairtrade food and seasonal eating. The site also features podcasts with interviews with Asda nutritionists.

"We saw this as a good opportunity to collate feedback from consumers," said an Asda spokeswoman. "They can vote on what we stock and tell us about their dietary needs. Perhaps they want to request specific products or tell us they didn't like a new range. It is another means to hear what customers want."

Vanessa Hattersley, Asda nutritionist, added: "The site is engaging and offers our customers access to simple, practical ideas. The health of our customers and colleagues is important to Asda."

The site replaces Asda's 'feelgood' website, which contained health information but no podcasts.