Kit Davies
Asda fish supplier Simpson Seafish has just completed a major upgrade of its Hull plant with a £250,000 spend on new processing and packing machinery.
The new capacity allows it to undertake a major new business deal with Asda, providing chilled prepack lines.
This business has continued to grow following Asda's own major packaging and quality investment last year. And spare capacity means the Hull based supplier is also keen to win further business with multiples.
Simpson Seafish commercial director Ivan Jaines-White is set to take part in an Asda trip to visit Wal-Mart.
Asda managers and its Incentive Award winning suppliers will be visiting both the headquarters in Bentonville, and various stores and factories.
Jaines-White is keen to take on board lessons from the Wal-Mart approach to selling fish.
And he says he will also have an eye for potential business wins for Simpson Seafish in the States, whether with Wal-Mart or in wholesale. "I am very much looking forward to this," said Jaines-White. "The scale of the States could open up all sorts of possibilities. We certainly have the capacity to consider the US market."
Towards the end of last year Simpson Seafish won both Asda Star Supplier of the Year and one of its Incentive Awards, which recognise achievement in service levels, EDI, quality and adherence to specifications.