Angry rivals claim Asda has wiped millions off their profits by slashing the price of spirits with nearly two months to go before Christmas.

Asda fired the first salvo in the seasonal price war this week with spirits promotions so deep it expects not to have to go any lower.

In an aggressive pricing stance across 14 top brands, Christmas stalwart Baileys nose-dived from £15.38 to £11.38 per litre - 49p less than Asda’s price at the end of November 2002.
The price of a 70cl bottle of whisky also crashed, with Glenmorangie falling from £21.97 to £17.97 along with The Famous Grouse, which came down £2.50 to £14.74.

Steve Dancer, Asda’s general manager for beers, wines and spirits, said: “Usually the market starts at one price and everyone takes off a little bit each week. But going early in one chunk is better for our customers as they don’t have to shop around.”
However, one senior buyer at a rival multiple branded Asda’s policy “complete madness”.

Full details in this week’s issue of The Grocer