Asda has again attacked plans to restrict alcohol displays in Scottish stores. The retailer has called for a two-week grace period over Christmas and New Year to be added to the legislation tabled by the Scottish parliament as part of a crackdown on binge drinking. The regulations require retailers to stock alcohol only in a designated area and restrict the cross-merchandising of alcohol and food to items sold in the same pack within the dedicated zone. Asda's submission states that selling alcohol in a separate area will place a burden on staff during busy periods such as Christmas, as they stock shelves and carry bottles from the warehouse. It claims it would be almost impossible to keep shelves full at this time, which would impact on consumer choice. The Scottish Retail Consortium has already started lobbying for a relaxation of the proposed regulations during busy times such as sporting events, Christmas and New Year. "There will clearly be an impact on available shelf space under these measures and that will affect consumer choice," said SRC director Fiona Moriarty. "We would like the Executive to take a look at the evidence and take proportionate measures." Moriarty is also warning of the wider impact the measures may have on Scottish businesses. "Limiting shelf space means there is less room available for products from local producers, threatening the growth we've seen in regional and artisan products," she said. Other organisations, such as the Scottish Grocers Federation and the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, have also voiced concerns over the plans. However, two weeks ago 90% of Scottish MPs taking part in a debate voted in favour of tightening licensing laws and this week justice secretary Kenny Macaskill said alcohol should not be sold "like a pint of milk or a packet of tattie scones".