Asda has knocked Morrisons off the top spot in a week when the retailer chart has proved to be a bumpy ride, with only one remaining in the same position as last week.
Morrisons drops to second position and competition is close, with the top four separated by just three percentage points.
Asda remains particularly strong on alcoholic drinks with beers and lagers especially adding weight to the category in store.
Alcoholic drinks remains at the top of the category chart, remaining 10 percentage points ahead.
Positions two, three and four, however, are very close, at just one percentage point apart. Soft drinks at number two moves up one place while culinary, at number three, has dropped. Snacks comes in as a new entry at number five with a selection of price promotions and multibuy offers.
Heinz remains at the top of the brand chart but is no longer as far ahead.
The main threat this week comes from McVitie's which has leapt into the chart at number two. Walkers is the only brand to move up the chart, gaining two places to stand in fourth place.
Kellogg's, Carlsberg and Fanta all move down the chart while Stella Artois and Cadbury's are new entries at numbers eight and nine respectively.
Stella Artois relies most heavily upon price promotions while Cadbury's features a number of multibuy offers.
In the own label category chart, culinary moves up one place to take the lead.
Household also gains one place to take number two. Frozen and alcoholic drinks come in at numbers three and four respectively, as new entries.