Asda Rapid Scan

Asda says its 360-degree laser scanner can cut scanning time by 200%

Asda has launched a new self-scan checkout in its York store designed for larger shopping trips that it says can scan up to 100 items per minute.

Customers load their shopping onto a conveyor belt – as with a standard checkout – but in place of a checkout assistant a ring of lasers reads barcodes from all angles as the items move along. Two bagging areas allow one customer to load their items while the person before them is still packing away their shopping.

A member of staff is on hand to oversee the operation in a similar manner to self-service checkouts.

“Mums tell us one of the main things they want us to do for them is save them time. We’re always looking at ways we can improve their shopping experience – and Rapid Scan is a technological triumph in that area,” said Asda retail director Mark Ibbotson.

“We’re the first to bring this amazing machine to our shoppers before anyone else, so we are really excited to hear what everyone thinks of it,” he added.

“The system is easy for customers to use, offering them a new and positive checkout experience. Wincor-Nixdorf specialises in technological innovations that constantly improve the customer experience,” said Martin Smethurst, general manager for retail UK & Ireland at Wincor Nixdorf, which developed the system with Asda.

Asda said it would review customer and staff feedback regarding the new system before deciding whether to roll it out across all its stores.