Asda's own label bitter is absolutely lethal, according to a Leeds plant nursery, and it's a real hit with slugs, but Asda is still prepared to brag about it.
Brandon Nurseries, near Leeds, tired of laying out slug pellets, decided to test a variety of beers in traps instead.
It proved a success, but one container had nearly twice as many slugs trapped within it ­ it was filled with Asda's own brand bitter.
Madeleine Pollard of Brandon Nurseries said: "We were amazed how well Asda bitter attracted the slugs.
So much so we thought it was just a fluke, but time after time, after time they can't get enough of it." Phil Briggs, Asda's beer team leader, added: "Slugs have discovered what we've always known. The Asda brew is the better bitter and as the test shows, it literally is top of the hops or the closest thing they get to real snail ­ they are literally dying to drink it!"