There’s widespread excitement today as we near the deadline for a hostile bid from Kraft for Cadbury. The Guardianthe Independent, The Times and the Daily Telegraph all take a look.

In a busy day for the Telegraph, there’s news of Northern Foods postponing its Project Golden factory closures, a warning that retailers such as Lidl and Aldi might not hit the 4 February deadline to comply with the new suppliers’ code and news of that slightly puzzling shift of ownership for Asda. The Telegraph hints that the supermarket may be able to pay less tax this way.

The paper also warns that our insatiable appetite for tuna could wipe out the albatross, which get tangled up in the lines used to catch the fish. (Presumably it’ll probably wipe out tuna too eventually.)

Talking of environmental issues, Asda has been found the “least green” supermarket in a new report by Consumer Focus. The Indy has the story.

Things aren’t going well for Gordon Ramsay right now.  The Metro reports than the ‘Ramsay effect’ is actually harming sales of Gordon’s gin. And the potty-mouthed chef has also been forced to cut his swearing by 90% for his new series of The F-Word, according to the Daily Mirror. Maybe they’ll change the name of the show.

Also in the Mirror, news that council chiefs are demanding Olympic spectators be served traditional East End ‘cuisine' in 2012.

Over the weekend, the Observer looked at the plight of tea farmers in India as they struggle to make ends meet. And the Independent on Sunday enjoyed Britain’s Really Disgusting Foods, a new TV show that highlighted all the awful things food companies put in their products purely to horrify documentary makers.