Asda yet again provided the cheapest basket this week, securing itself the cheapest retailer title for the third week running thanks to a whopping 26 cheapest or joint-cheapest items.

The retailer offered eight promotions, the most out of all the retailers, helping it undercut nearest rival Sainsbury's by just 59p.

It made three price cuts, reducing the price of mini pork pies by 10p, bananas by 5p and Wall's Magnum Classic by 2p. However, it upped the price of courgettes by 31p and two promotions ended, pushing up Stella Artois by 67p and Nestlé Shreddies by 48p. It was most costly or joint most-costly on three products - Hula Hoops, plum tomatoes and white sugar.

Sainsbury's jumped two places to second. Boasting 19 of the cheapest or joint-cheapest items, it made four reductions, and was the only retailer selling Birds Eye omega-3 fish fingers for under £1. Bananas were down 5p, Imperial Leather soap 4p, Wall's Magnum Classic by 2p and McCain Home Fries 1p. The retailer made two increases, pushing courgettes up 32p per kg and white sugar 4p.

There was little pricing activity at Morrisons, which remained in third place. It made no price hikes, and was the only retailer not to reduce bananas. A promotion on Hula Hoops resulted in a cut of 60p, while kitchen towel was down 3p and McCain Home Fries 2p.

Tesco surrendered last week's second place, making seven hikes. Courgettes were up 32p, vegetable oil by 20p, Wall's Magnum Classic 11p, white sugar 4p and McCain Home Fries 3p. Promotions ended on Stella Artois, up £1.24, and mini pork pies, up 6p. Although it failed to offer any unbeatable prices, it was joint cheapest on 19 items. It reduced two items; bananas by 5p and Birds Eye Chicken Dippers 1p.

Waitrose made no price hikes either, but its £58.19 trolley remained in fifth place and cost £9.65 more than Asda's. The retailer made the largest reduction on bananas, reducing them by 9p.