Tesco has polished its pricing credentials and won the title of cheapest grocer for the first time in eight weeks with a basket that undercut its nearest rival Asda’s by just 22p.

Tesco’s basket was an impressive £1.77 cheaper week-on-week, after the retailer cut the price of Hardys Chardonnay by £2 and its baguette by 25p. 

These cuts more than offset a 9p increase in the price of milk (mirrored by the rest of the big four), 30p increase on orange juice and 2p increase in the price of lemons.

Tesco’s victory came despite Asda being cheapest or joint cheapest on 21 of the 33 items versus Tesco’s 17. Asda upped the price of four items: milk by 9p, balsamic vinegar by 8p, Hovis by 24p and pears by 41p/kg.

But it offset all these increases by cutting other prices – 40p was knocked off pineapples, 1p off kidney beans, 24p off strawberry jam and back bacon was reduced by 38p – to produce a basket 29p cheaper than last week.

Third-place Morrisons also cut its basket total week-on-week, after slashing the price of Hardys Chardonnay by £1.69, and making small reductions on ice cream and Actimel. Even after the price rise on milk, Morrisons’ basket was 3.3%, or £1.64, cheaper than last week.

Sainsbury’s, on the other hand, has tumbled a long way since its win last week, slipping into fourth place with the only basket to have increased in price since last week, albeit by only 7p.

In a quiet week for pricing, Sainsbury’s 9p increase in milk was its only price rise, while a 2p cut on Hula Hoops was the only discount.

Waitrose this week was £8.62 more expensive than the cheapest retailer, Tesco, but was the cheapest for milk after failing to match the price increases of the big four.

Waitrose also knocked 14p off Birds Eye garden peas and 20p/kg off mince, but did add 10p to the price of Flora Light and 3p to Colman’s English mustard. The retailer’s basket price was 21p cheaper than it was last week.