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Kantar Worldpanel: 52 w/e 26 March 2017
  £m y-o-y% packs (m) y-o-y%
 Snacking Fruit and Nut   209.2 0.7% 143.7 -2.3%
 Baking Fruits   120.8 -7.7% 87.2 -5.2%
 Sugar   120.0 -4.1% 88.2 -3.8%
 Other Baking Ingredients   113.3 -7.0% 104.3 -4.6%
 Flour   93.9 -1.9% 100.9 -2.9%
 Cake Coverings   11.1 -18.8% 5.9 -18.7%
TOTAL CATEGORY  668.3 -3.8% 530.3 -3.8%
Kantar Worldpanel: 52 w/e 26 March 2017
  £m y-o-y% packs (m) y-o-y%
BRANDED 285.0 -4.1% 209.8 -6.5%
OWN LABEL 383.3 -3.7% 320.5 -2.0%
Kantar Worldpanel: 52 w/e 26 March 2017
Retailers Grocery Category Index y-o-y%
Lidl   4 6.4 160 6.2
Waitrose   5 7.1 142 -7.4
Ocado 1.2 1.7 142 19.7
Sainsbury's   14.1 16.2 115 -7.4
Aldi   5.4 6.2 115 -9.8
Tesco   25.1 27.3 109 -2.0
Morrisons   9.9 8.7 88 -3.5
Asda   13.2 11.5 87 -9.0
The Co-Operative   5.2 4.1 79 -7.1
Marks & Spencer   3.5 1.3 37 30.4

Home baking has failed to raise its performance over the past yearHome baking has failed to raise its performance over the past year.

Consumers have become less engaged, with value decline driven by shoppers not purchasing as often and buying less per trip.

Performance across the sectors highlights strong value decrease across the board, despite a slight increase for snacking fruit & nut. Within these markets we are seeing strong price deflation and consumers purchasing both less per trip and not as often. Consumers are being exposed to more messaging around excess sugar consumption.

Own label, which has been growing consistently over the past five years, now shows a value decline. Aldi and Lidl’s development of their own ranges is key to value decreasing.

In future, differentiation will be key for branded players. There will be opportunities from advertising, partnership or product placement on the new GBBO series or from innovative offerings. Thomas Steel, Kantar Worldpanel

The take-home snapshot is produced by Kantar Worldpanel. Kantar Worldpanel monitors the grocery
retailer take-home purchasing habits of 30,000 demographically representative British households.
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    % £m
 Winners Dr Oetker 6.0 £2.5
  Hartleys 1.7 £0.3
 Losers Silver Spoon -0.5 -£0.1
  Betty Crocker -1.9 -£0.6
  Homepride -11.1 -£0.9
  Tate & Lyle -6.3 -£1.0
  Allinson -10.7 -£1.1
  Jus Rol -2.9 -£1.2
  Mcdougalls -14.2 -£2.1
  Own Label -3.7 -£9.8


  • Home baking wouldn’t win any prizes at the WI for its performance over the past year. Only two of the top 10 brands achieved value growth – Dr Oetker and Hartleys.
  • Dr Oetker delivered through NPD and its teaming up with Bake Off series 3 winner John Whaite (pictured). The market leader shifted 2.6 million more packs this year.
  • “Shoppers are choosing brands for ingredients where quality is crucial for the end result of their bakes,” says Jan McKee, executive head of marketing. “Categories like chocolate, flavours and cocoa powder have been huge drivers of growth for Dr Oetker in the past year.”
  • Others didn’t fare so well, although it was own label that bore the brunt of the losses as Brits picked up 7.2 million fewer packs.
  • Both Silver Spoon and Tate & Lyle, despite both having losses, managed to outperform the overall sugar market. “Silver Spoon’s outperformance in baking sugars is really a direct result of our strengthened retailer relationships,” says Tracy Hughes, marketing director at Silver Spoon. “We’re challenging retailer space to work harder, addressing fixture space restrictions, the evolving needs of the category and our desire to add value.”
  • Betty Crocker is hoping new indulgent NPD can help reinvigorate its sales while McDougalls will be focusing on Pancake Day.
  • Homepride’s campaign celebrating its use of 100% British wheat didn’t boost sales - value fell 11.1%. Fellow flour brands Allinson and McDougalls also suffered losses.