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Kantar Protein Category Snapshot
 kg/year% change (since 2013average daily intakemax/recommended intake
Carbohydrate 82.8 -2.8 227g 260g
Sugars 39.1 -3.4 107g 90g
Fat 28.9 0.9 79g 70g
Protein 25.1 2.2 69g 50g
Saturates 11.2 1.4 31g 20g
Fibre 6.4 2.6 17g 30g
Sodium 0.9 -4.5 2g (5g of salt) 6g


Notes: Graphics and number in kg represents average yearly per capita consumption of each nutrient, caluculated by dividing Kantar Worldpanel figures (52 w/e 14 August 2017) by the UK population (ONS). Arrows show percentage change from 52 w/e 18 August 2013. Daily recommended maximum intake is from NHS guidelines. Fibre is recommended minimun from British Nutrition Foundation