A new Australian wine brand is tempting drinkers with aspirational branding.

Auction House emulates fine wine producers who put bin numbers on their wines by printing random lot numbers on its labels - picked from popular numbers chosen by National Lottery players.

Marketed by Barrel Booze exclusively for the independent sector, the five new wines come with screwcap bottles and in boxes.

Sales and marketing director Imran Younus said it had kept competitive price points. The Dry White and Dry Red have an rsp of £3.99 while the varietals - Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot and Chardonnay - retail for £4.99.

"Our Australian range conveys the idea that, because today's lifestyles are busy, we invariably do not have the time, money or inclination to go to wine auctions. But we can buy a brand that has the auction connotation with the confidence that we have purchased a quality product," said Younus.