Aunt Bessie is dipping into her purse for £2m to support the range of frozen ready-to-bake cakes, scones and cookies sporting her name.

A four-week burst of TV advertising breaks on Monday (3 July), with owner Tryton Foods predicting that the ad would reach half the key target market of mothers with young children. It will be backed by national sampling and promotional activity in-store.

The executions focuses on the aroma, convenience, taste and texture of fresh-baked cakes and cookies.

"It's a play on the advice that estate agents give when it comes to selling a home - fill it with the wonderful smell of home-baking," said commercial director John Hendy. "The ad shows two bored estate agents waiting in a deserted house for buyers. One puts Aunt Bessie's Ready-to-Bake traditional scones in the oven and the crowds arrive."

The frozen ready-to-bake range comprises a Victoria sponge cake, chocolate chip cookies, fairy cakes and fruit scones (rsp: £1.99 each).