Aussie lager XXXX is hoping its new look will entice new drinkers to the brand.

Instead of traditional packaging, featuring the name of the brand, XXXX bottles and cans will have messages such as "Great tasting without shoving a lime in it" or "Goes with meat or fish or neither" on the label.

The tongue-in-cheek messages are intended to underline the brand's laidback, Australian heritage and its position as a sociable, fun brand for blokes. They will be periodically changed according to season and topical events.

The new design also features the brand's new strap line "Thank XXXX for that."

"Packaging plays a role because it can boost the in-store profile of a brand and encourage impulse purchase. It can also help build consumer loyalty over the longer term," said senior brand manager, Cormac van den Hoofdakker.

The brewer will also be running a national sampling campaign later this summer and providing merchandising material to retailers.