Another premium imported lager has been added to the Scottish Courage portfolio this month. The brewer is shipping in Austria's leading premium lager, Zipfer, which will join Beck's, Miller Genuine Draught and Kronenbourg 1664 in an already extensive portfolio. And marketing director Brian Sharp indicated this would not be the only addition this year. He said the company's range is being restructured and new products would be brought in to target specific areas. Zipfer will be in the top end of the premium packaged lager market where Sharp believed there was a gap for a quality product. The launch programme will be carefully staged. The initial introduction will be in London, Glasgow, Belfast, Manchester, Leeds and Newcastle. Most of the brand support this year will be concentrated on regional sampling initiatives. Listings in those areas have been agreed with a number of major players including Sainsbury, Asda, Booker, Venus and Winerite. Sharp said the support would be a significant six figure sum. "Our task is to make consumers aware of the brand, then we will build rate of sale." He said much of the sampling will not take place in outlets. "We are going into shopping malls with specially designed stands. "We don't want this high quality product dispensed warm out of tiny plastic cups by someone standing behind a trestle table in Asda or Sainsbury who knows nothing about the brand. "We want to target large numbers of people in the right way in an interesting environment. "There have been huge numbers of products introduced into the premium packaged imported lager market, but there are only about half a dozen that have stood the test of time. "Some of these, such as San Miguel, Nastro Azzurro and Amstel have been recording substantial growth rates. "1664 and Beck's have become more ubiquitous and less aspirational. They are now mainstream brands. "Zipfer will not be the next Foster's and it won't take on Stella head to head. Our ambitions for it over the next two or three years are quite modest." The brand is produced in the Zipf brewery which is owned by BBAG Brau Union and is widely available in Italy, Sweden and eastern Europe. It will be sold in the UK in 33cl singles, fours and 24s and in 66cl bottles in 12 packs. The rsp for the 33cl is £1.15 and £1.95 for the 66cl. {{DRINKS }}