Bacardi and Coca-Cola are launching a co-branded party pack that is designed to compete on price with premium wine and beer.
The pack contains a 200ml bottle of Bacardi - enough for about four double measures - and four 200ml contour Coke bottles. It will go on sale at off-licences, convenience stores and at cash and carry retailers for £5.99.
The big clear window on the pack aims to make the contents clearly visible and the robust handle allows for easy carrying.
The two companies believe the square pack design and joint promotional logo will appeal to consumers looking for a drink to share among friends.
The launch is part of a promotional link between the two brands, building on the fact 89% of Bacardi is drunk with Coke. The latest Bacardi TV ad, called ‘Platform’, stars Hollywood actor Raoul Bova mixing Bacardi with Coke.