There are signs that the French pigmeat market slowing down ­ after a further 50 centime lift in deadweight prices last week, Tuesday saw a 25 centime retreat by the slaughterers. There has been a 2p-3p/lb rise on Breton backs, although demand for streaks to baste turkeys and roasts has also firmed to the point where streak volumes could outrun backs in the pre-Christmas trade. French and Russian buyers have between them pulled in a lot of surplus pork: long- term German contract prices for sausage making have risen by 4-5%. UK multiples are still running volume offers ­ Tesco has a gondola end offer of £3 for three Roach-branded 184g Danish CAP back rasher packs to ensure that freezers are full over Christmas. The Tulip fire (see News) has not stopped orders of rasher bacon leaving the main factory site. However, it has generated some additional enquiries for replacement lean smoked streaks lost in the incident. The loss of the bacon cooking facility puts the firm on its back foot after a flying start in the sector last year. With modest but valuable volumes of cooked bacon to supply, the recovery options will rapidly becoming a pressing matter. The UK is not without equivalent facilities elsewhere, but the asking prices may be dearer than rebuilding the original plant. If the Danes were to consider an acquisition option, they would need to bite the bullet sooner rather than later. Faced with nearly a year to rebuild, the lost momentum of the gap could cost Tulip more dearly than a working plant. {{PROVISIONS }}