Kevin Bacon is back in vogue, if the ubiquitous Hollywood icon ever really went away.

Famously, you can link any movie actor to any other via his movies, in the 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' parlour game.

His starring role in brain-free dance movie Footloose is lampooned in the new Walkers advert (see Ad of the Week, below) and now this: his likeness, in bacon.

Bacon Kevin Bacon, the meaty sculpture pictured above, was devised by the bacon obsessives at US ingredient maker BaconSalt.

Even if it doesn't look much like Kevin Bacon, it has one advantage over Self, the 'blood sculpture' made by BritArt provocateur Marc Quinn back when people still cared about modern art.

Bacon Kevin Bacon is not edible due to the lacquer it's covered in. But that at least means it won't be destroyed by getting left in a kitchen freezer that was later unplugged, like Quinn's effort reportedly was by Charles Saatchi.

It's up for auction on eBay to raise $10,000 for cancer charity Ashley's Team. Its makers say buying the bust will make you a "champion of the underground meat sculpture movement". What more could you ask?