Red meat sales soared during the cold, wet summer, according to new consumption data from the MLC.

Shoppers spent an additional £50m on roasting joints and steaks during the summer, taking overall sales for beef, pork and lamb to £641m in the 12 weeks to 7 October.

"The poor weather seems to have helped, boosting sales of traditional roasting joints," said MLC economist Mark Topliff.

Pork was the biggest beneficiary of the cold summer, with sales of fresh and frozen product up 13% to £146m. Leg roasting joints were the key to the increase.

Fresh and frozen beef sales rose 8% to £344m during the same period, with shoppers spending an extra £11m on mince and another £11.5m on frying steak. Spending on lamb also rose, by 4% to £132m.

All three of the main red meats recorded an increase in household penetration. Shoppers also spent more and visited stores more frequently.