Diageo is driving its Baileys Frappe recipe throughout the summer months as part of a £6m spend outside of the Christmas period.

The drinks giant is targeting consumers with a direct mail campaign, which includes a Baileys Sun Lounge Music CD, with messages on the CD sleeve such as 'Ever noticed how everything changes when the sun shines?'. Once open, the packaging displays a recipe for a Baileys Frappe, as well as tips on relaxing and barbecuing.

Baileys Frappe - a blend of Baileys, coffee, milk and sugar that is served over ice - is also being driven through a tie-up with PictureHouse cinemas, shopping centre sampling, summer events and print advertising, according to Baileys brand manager Christina St Croix.

The investment outside of Christmas for the brand is up from last year's £4m spend. For the rest of this year, Diageo is doubling the size of its mailshot, 'The Baileys Lounge', to 600,000 consumers.