Tim Palmer The UK's leading beer export Bass Pale Ale is being sold in the UK for the first time in over 200 years. The beer that has been doing very well over there ­ it sells a total of 330,000 pints a day in more than 50 countries ­ is being tested exclusively in all Sainsbury stores, over here, as part of an initiative to raise the profile of the Bass brand. A spokeswoman said: "The trial is designed to gauge consumer demand for the brand in the UK in the emerging speciality beer category. If it is successful it could be a move which will broaden the footprint of Bass ales within the sector." The trial price for the beer is 99p for a 33cl bottle, and it will be on sale in Sainsbury at least until Christmas. It is a 5.1% abv ale which is brewed at Bass's Cape Hill brewery. The bottles feature an Imported from Britain label as the product is the one sold in Scandinavia. This will be changed if the brew goes to a full UK launch. The beer is an icon of the industry and was first brewed by William Bass in 1777. It was the beer of choice for British troops in the Crimea, available on the Titanic and was on Concorde's maiden flight. The distinctive bottle also features in paintings by Manet and Picasso. {{DRINKS }}