Bacardi is bringing out its bat again for a spring advertising push behind its leading white spirit. The company is spending £3m on TV and posters. It is bringing back the Boxer ad launched in November and this will run until the middle of next month. It aims to reposition Bacardi with a hard gritty image and emphasises the brand's Cuban roots. The Bat device will be used on 48 and 64-sheet size posters in major cities. The bat has appeared on Bacardi bottles since the brand was launched in 1862. It symbolises the fruit bats that nested in the rafters of the original Cuban distillery and was a recognisable trademark for the Cuban population. Trade marketing manager Julie Marshall said: "Investment such as this keeps the brand top of mind in its young male biased target market. "In the coming months the bat device will be widely in evidence. "The activity ensures the brand will remain profitable, retaining loyal drinkers and recruiting new ones." This year the brand will also be supported by on-trade sampling and the company will be going to the summer's music festivals with an improved version of last year's Bacardi tent. {{DRINKS }}