The Belgian company behind the Omega-3 rich Columbus egg is trying again to launch an enriched chicken line in the UK.

A drive to recruit British poultry producers has been under way since 2005 but support from the industry should now bring the plan to fruition according to Florence Lacroix, scientific consultant at Belovo.

"We're still looking for UK producers and progress has been slow," she said.

"We now have an agreement with Deans to talk about it to their egg producers - they think it will benefit farmers to diversify."

The key to the Omega-3 content of the chicken is its breed and diet.

The bird was developed in Belgium and branded Coqard from the Coq Ardennais breed. It is fed on a mix of flax seeds and grains that are naturally high in Omega-3.

Fish derivatives are not used, allowing Belovo to claim its products are as nature intended.

In addition to the widely recognised cardiovascular benefits of the fatty acid, Belovo wants to stress its role in brain health. Columbus eggs are already being marketed to pregnant mothers and young families, and the chicken will join it later

this year.

Belovo had its first breakthrough at supplying an Omega-3 chicken to British retailers last year through an arrangement with Sparky Brand.

The birds were imported from Belgian producers, but the product never made it any further than Selfridges and has since been delisted.

Belovo says it is now talking to other retailers and is looking for partners to develop the brand as it believes the chickens would make a good addition to their ranges.

If it proves a success, other products could follow from Belgium, where Omega-3 rich pork has already been developed. Milk is about to follow suit.