The radically designed German wine brand Bend in the River has been revamped and the wine has been changed. The key difference is that the bottle has been changed from clear to frosted glass. Deborah Francis, brand manager at Grants of St James's, said: "We thought the look needed updating. Though the shape of the bottle was striking and unique, the lack of branding combined with the use of clear glass meant that it became lost on the shelf among other wines. As well as the existing neck branding we have added a blue label to the front." The general move towards drier wines has prompted the company to make the wines from Riesling grapes only, rather than the Rivaner Riesling blend it was before. Francis said: "The popular New World wines are predominantly dry and German Riesling has seen 58% volume growth in multiple grocers over the last six months. "This resurgence in interest is largely down to the adoption of the best of the New World wine making techniques." To maintain momentum, the brand will be supported by price promotions and in store advertising in Tesco and Asda. Francis said the support was based on the trend for strong branded items and its female target audience reacted well to designer brands, bought primarily for their appearance. The latest figures from ACNielsen show the brand's volume growth at 16% in the year to the end of August. A spokesman added in July and August sales rose by 66%. {{DRINKS }}