supermarket chiller fridge

SureChill, the refrigeration technology backed by Bill Gates that can operate without requiring constant power, has revealed it is working with a UK supermarket to trial in-store chillers.

The technology was originally developed to keep vaccines cool in the developing world, using a water-based system that can maintain a steady chill for 10 days without power. It can also use solar power.

“We can’t reveal who the supermarket is but it’s one of the big names in the UK,” said chief technical officer Ian Tansley. “The big deal for retailers is they can buy cheaper electricity because it doesn’t need to consume energy at peak times.”

Tansley also claimed produce lasted much longer using SureChill technology because it does not blow air to cool the fridge like existing technology, which dehydrates fresh produce. “The difference in quality, even after weeks, is phenomenal,” he said.