Birds Eye is aiming to further boost rocketing sales of its Bake to Perfection frozen fish range by adding its first cod variant and revamping packaging.

Sales of Bake to Perfection have soared to £15.5m since the range was launched in March. Birds Eye anticipates that the new cod fillets (rsp: £4.49), which will be launched in March 2010, will broaden the appeal of the range and draw in a further 2.5 million shoppers. It also predicted that sales of the cod variant alone would create £2.3m in sales over 2010.

"Cod is the nation's favourite fish and most shoppers in the naked fish sector are species-loyal," said Armen Topalian, trade marketing manager for fish. "These cod shoppers spend more money on the fish category as a whole and buy significantly more frequently than the average fish shoppers," he added.

Birds Eye claimed the fillets would be sourced from cod stock that it had helped repopulate by introducing Alaskan pollack fish fingers in 2007 as a cod alternative.

"We are proud to have contributed to the recovery of key cod stocks, which over the next year will become even more apparent," claimed Topalian.

Revamped packaging will feature a bold colour theme for each SKU in the six-strong range. The foil in which the fish is cooked is also being updated, to be more similar in texture and appearance to everyday kitchen foil. Birds Eye claimed this would appeal to consumers, citing research that found real foil improved consumer's perception of both quality and value for money.

The company will highlight the launch of the cod variant, as well as the revamp, with a £2.6m TV advertising campaign, which will run throughout 2010.