Loyd Grossman is moving into the biscuit aisles with a range of traditional handmade Italian delicacies aimed at the top end of the market.
Working with Rivermill Foods, Grossman went to Tuscany to approve the biscuits, which are made in a small Italian bakery using traditional methods.
Two rustic-style products are being launched on Monday (September 26), Cantucci with Dark Chocolate and Cantucci with Honey, followed by speciality biscuits Ricciarelli and Pinolini which are scheduled for launch early next year. All will carry a premium price of £2.99.
Rivermill, which also produces Italian and Indian breads for the growing Loyd Grossman range, said the range was a natural fit for the brand’s baked goods portfolio. “It is
important that each addition to the Loyd Grossman range shows differentiation and innovation,” said Andrew Chesters, partner at Rivermill Foods.
Chesters said the biscuits would sit alongside brands such as Bahlsen, but would create a new premium everyday category, latching on to what he said was growing demand for artisan biscuits thanks to the rise of speciality coffee houses. It is suggested on pack that the biscuits be dipped into espresso or hot chocolate.
“The café world has changed dramatically and people are looking for better quality products. The Loyd Grossman brand is synonymous with quality and authenticity.”
Stefan Chomka