Masterfoods is to pump £17m behind its leading bite-size sweets brands before the end of the year.
It is also launching multipack versions of its four bestselling bite-size brands ­ Maltesers, M&M's, Revels and Minstrels. Four standard bag packs are going into multiple retailers now, rsp: £1.44.
Trading director Richard Marris said: "We see a real opportunity for bite-size brands which are doing well in the market. They are growing ahead of other confectionery formats.
"Bite-size formats are also bought mainly by women, so putting them into supermarkets makes sense." New ads for Maltesers have already hit television screens, with M&M's enjoying a repeat run of exposure.
Revels will get new ads from next month, while Minstrels is to get its first TV backing for five years when new ads air in the autumn.