Van den Bergh Foods is running a £1.6m one-week promotion (from March 18) for olive oil spread Olivio, part of an £11m spend this year. 

Mr Lazenby's has repackaged its Classic Range. And it has produced ready cooked microwaveable sausages under Safeway's own label. 

Wrigleys has given its Extra Peppermint and Spearmint sugar free chewing gums an "even mintier" flavour. 

New Zealand Milk has launched new Anchor Swirls Chocolate Cream for a limited period in Tesco until May. 

Trustin Unimerchants has extended its Mediterranean cuisine portfolio with the launch of the Marrakesh Express range of eight couscous varieties. Rsp: £1.39. 

Chupa Chups is targeting the youth market with a £1.5m television and cinema media spend.