Toilet roll is surely one of the more ironclad categories in a resilient sector - barring some dramatic change of shoppers' bathroom habits or an unlikely evolutionary leap altering our anatomy.

Which is lucky for SCA, whose latest Triple Velvet ad is strangely unsatisfactory, despite a winning central message and the return of its totally hee-larious toddler-is-senior-executive set-up.

The Three Trees campaign - three planted for each one chopped down - unquestionably deserves success (indeed, Ad of the Week recycles its jokes on a weekly basis.)

But Baby MD's stilted voiceover detracts from that message , almost implying that green issues are somehow just for kids.

And though a crayon drawing of some dead birds deprived of their natural habitat raises a grim smile, this viewer was left wondering primarily why Velvet hadn't bothered with some CGI lip-synching for its diminutive star.

The 'Soft soft soft' slogan, meanwhile, could have been dreamed up on the toilet by a desperate creative five minutes before that big client meeting.

A busted flush.