aperol graphic novel

Source: Aperol

Graphic content: an extract from Aperol’s new novel

Aperitif brand Aperol is looking to make this summer one to remember, as it celebrates its 100th anniversary.

It’s doing so in some ways you’d expect: a big sampling tour, some limited-edition arty labels, a new ad. But it’s got some outré ideas, too, commissioning three artworks – well, illustrated sofas – to be exhibited in Padova’s Central Cavour Square. You’re welcome, Padova!

Bogof is most excited, however, about Orange Chronicles, a graphic novel ‘comprised of seven comic-strip style stories set in different decades and parts of the world’. We’re promised ‘a mosaic of tales, from comedy to suspense with a touch of romance, with orange as leitmotif’.

Sounds like perfect summer reading. It’ll be available (in Italian and English), in June, for a mere €16.90.