The Grocer’s inboxes strained under the weight of a colossal amount of April Fools ‘press releases’ last week - with anyone unwise enough to send out any actual news subject to extreme suspicion.

Our favourites included The Saucy Fish Co’s ‘fishcuit’ range (custard breams, clammy dodgers, rich sea), The Meatless Farm Co’s ‘grow your own’ vegan mince, Mackie’s hot ice cream (complete with Photoshopped ‘steam’), Sainsbury’s pink avocados, Pots & Co’s zero-calorie, translucent dessert and Bisto’s beefy bath soak. Baylis & Harding even had Kelly Brook promoting garlic & onion handwash on Instagram.

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Thanks Kelly for supporting our brand new handwash, launched today!

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Kit Kat Tea was perhaps the idea we’d most like to be true (it fits with the ‘take a break’ message, and sounds nicer than, say, Marmite Peanut Butter).

Our overall fave, though, was from winery Hattingley Valley, who genuinely fooled us (for a bit) with a cleverly humdrum claim to have come up with a screwcap that could stand the pressure of sparkling wine. An expertly written release was so plausible it felt it necessary to tell us ‘this is an April Fools’ at the end. We doff our (screw) caps to you!