Britain is booming! And you don’t just have to take my word for it - the Daily Express said so on its front page. Although I do notice that my daily returns of the Express have risen by one to, well, one since Mr Carswell went off on holiday three weeks before the parliamentary recess.

He was ever so rude. Cleared all the Melton Mowbray pork pies and Boddingtons bitter out of the chiller and said he was in an effing hurry to get away early to get through Froggie security at Dover. Then he did a lot more swearing about how bloody stupid and petty it was to make borders so difficult to cross.

Funny that, in a way. You’d have thought Mr Carswell would have wanted one of those staycations, what with him being all patriotic and coming from a lovely seaside resort like Clacton.

Apart from that, it’s been a quiet week. My egg supplier sent me a Lion stamp and a whole stack of nice new boxes with ‘cage-free hens’ written on the side, so we spent a happy morning swapping over the old ones and then putting everything in the mums-to-be section in line with the new FSA rules. According to the Daily Mail they are to be force-fed, like battery hens. It’s unbelievable!

And talking of coops, that thin chap from Sainsbury’s popped in for some Complan and All-Bran just this morning. As it happens they’re both on deal at the moment, and he seemed to take exception to this. He told me that it wasn’t good for competition to be cutting prices at a time like this - he didn’t know how many times he had to tell us all, but nobody seemed to listen to a word he said.

I asked him if he wanted any nice fresh eggs to go with that.