Artful Badger and friends present the Badger Swagger

Obviously stung by Bogof’s critique of his anti-badger cull song (the one that mashed that ‘badger badger badger’ meme with an overexcited guitar solo), Queen axe legend Brian May has bucked up his ideas.

A far better attempt at a sonic accompaniment to badger protection has emerged. Called ‘Badger Swagger’, it is the work of Artful Badger and Friends - those friends including not just May, but also his fellow rocker Slash and, er, TV’s Sir David Attenborough.

It’s a catchy, jazzy rap tune, complete with earnest-but-street lyrics such as “NFU - It’s not a clever move, I think you better think it through”. Sir Dave contributes a solemn spoken word bit, before the song ends with a ridiculously long guitar solo, described by Slash as like “a badger riot. Or, a bunch of hooligan badgers in a pub”.

Badgers, your anthem is here. Now, try not to get shot, won’t you?