Everyone has a favourite fast food outlet. Even the most sophisticated of foodies - The Grocer’s features editor, for example - can be spotted stuffing themselves silly at a KFC, if you know where to look (er, KFC).

But, unlike our fried chicken fanatic, most people keep their grease-love a secret. You wouldn’t, say, wear a perfume scented like your favourite burger, right?

Things are different in Japan, where Burger King is rolling out a limited-edition Whopper cologne for 5,000 yen (£28). The eau d’vache will be on sale in stores on (suspiciously) 1 April, though the company insists it isn’t a gag.

Only 1,000 bottles (which apparently also include notes of lettuce, onions and fries) will be on sale.

Given this, the price and the transcontinental trip necessary to buy it, it would seem the cheapest way to smell like BK is just to get a job there.