It’s a pretty big deal for a company like Burger King to acknowledge and confront beef cattle’s contribution to greenhouse gas emissions, which it’s done with a new ad in the US.

But the way it’s done so is arguably even more impressive. Instead of a sober, reflective campaign, it’s signed up country wonderchild Mason Ramsey – a cross between Hank Williams and the Milkybar kid – to perform a truly epic song.

The lyrics acknowledge the problem, detail BK’s research into cow diets, reveals that it’s now feeding them lemongrass, which scientists say “reduce emissions by more than a third” – and tells rivals the formula is open-source and free for them to use.

On top of this, it’s an absolute banger, with a catchy “metha-a-ane” yodel refrain and a bonkers video of which Lady Gaga would be proud (it includes gas masks, lemongrass hats, a burger rollercoaster and a classic fart joke pay-off). It’s proven so popular young Mason has been teaching fans the chords via Twitter.

You’re not gonna get red state country lovers to stop eating meat – but surely even they can’t resist this.