woman drinking lemonade soft drink straw

Online delivery is constantly improving - we already have within-the-hour drop-offs, drones and those Waitrose drivers who sneak into your house when you’re out.

But what if you could cut out the delivery man? Scientists in Singapore have come up with a way of sending drinks through the internet. User one dunks a sensor into a glass of lemonade, which sends information about it to another sensor, which user two sticks into a hi-tech glass filled with water. It changes the liquid’s pH, while an LED mimics the lemonade’s colour. Our brains do the rest, apparently.

The tech is in its infancy. But imagine emailing your favourite beer to a pal. Or using it in food! Flavourless nutrition blocks could be infused with agreeable tastes and textures with a click, ensuring no one ever has to leave the house (or indeed, let a Waitrose driver in) ever again! Get in.

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