chocolate snort

Everyone loves chocolate. In the US, people love it so much it seems they’re seeking more facial orifices in which to cram it.

Coco Loko, a choc powder made to be snorted, has just gone on sale. The caffeinated ‘raw cacao snuff’ is being marketed as a cross between a legal high and an energy drink; brand owner Legal Lean’s website says it provides ‘a steady rush of euphoric energy and motivtion [sic]’. Sure!

It isn’t FDA approved, but doctors have commented that it’s almost certainly better for you than actual drugs (a ringing endorsement). Mind you, it’s also been noted that snorting cocoa solids isn’t really that wise. Just think about the snotty paste you’d create.

It’s hard to imagine brown powder becoming recreationally popular, but until a medical consensus is reached, hot chocolate brands might be wise to keep their Options (a menthol-mint variant, perhaps?) open.