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Look at the pope of pastry Paul Hollywood’s face, glowing with self-regard as he confers one of his sacred handshakes upon a genuflecting Great British Bake Off contestant. He’s really congratulating himself.

And these cringegasms have been increasing in frequency, discovered Buzzfeed’s TV editor last week. The first handshake was bestowed in series three, he reported via Twitter, but the HH phrase did not appear until the next one. Since then, handflation has soared - current series nine has seen a record eight so far - and there’s still a month of cake appreciation to go!

‘What you’re forgetting,’ tweeted Hollywood in response, ‘is the general standard of baking/bakers has risen year on year.. this is reflected in any praise given’.

Apparently we can expect fewer handshakes in future. Phew. But what’s next? The ‘Hollywood high five’?