kfc female colonel

Since Colonel Sanders passed in 1980, KFC has hired a number of actors to carry his torch in US ad campaigns, including Rob Lowe and Ray Liotta.

Now, perhaps inspired by female-fronted Ghostbusters and Ocean’s films, KFC has taken the plunge and cast a female Colonel. Country singer Reba McEntire appears in an ad for the new Smoky Mountain BBQ coating, impressively bearded up and insisting “I’m Colonel Sanders, same as always, absolutely nothing’s changed” in song. “I’m definitely not a woman,” she adds, unconvincingly.

Inevitably, the usual group of insecure men have sobbed about the move to their 57 followers on Twitter - perhaps correctly arguing that the real Colonel wouldn’t approve (he wasn’t exactly an ardent feminist, folks). Which, of course, makes the whole thing more amusing. Finger-lick it up, losers!